Can Android malware (VIRUS) survive factory reset?

No, Factory reset will remove the virus, Malware/Spyware from your Android, computer, Mac, and iPhone.

What is a factory reset?

Factory reset is the term that describes the process of removing user data from an electronic device, and restoring it to its original factory settings. This is a software restoration that aims to reset the software in the device back to its original manufacturer settings. You can use a factory reset to fix software problems or wipe all data from the device.

Why would you do factory reset?

We must do factory reset in certain situations like:

  • Selling the mobile
  • To remove the cache and to improve the performance
  • To remove the virus/malware on the device

Selling The Mobile

If you are selling the device, you must remove all your personal files and data from the Mobile or PC to safeguard your privacy and the History of mobile usage.

To remove the cache and to improve the performancce

You might consider resetting your factory settings if your device is acting slow or freezing. After you have tried manual cleaning, we recommend that this be done as a last resort. A factory reset may be an option if the problem is with your operating system (OS) or hard drive.

To remove the Virus/Malware on the device

Viruses are difficult to find and can take a lot of time to get rid of. This is why protecting your devices with cybersecurity software (antivirus) and avoiding the problem in the first place is the best way to approach. A factory reset is one of the best way to get rid of virus infection on your device.

Will a factory reset remove malware/spyware on Android?

Advanced malware may be infected on the Recovery Partition. The factory reset settings are saved in the recovery partition. Resetting the phone will not remove the virus from its recovery partition. However, it would still be active.

Can any viruse survive factory resets?

There are possiblities when virus can survive the factory reset. The reasons are given below.

  • When Backup was infected
  • When Malware/spyware is on the recovery partition
  • When rootkit malware infected the device

Will hard reset delete everything?

Yes, It will erase all data, contacts, history, and apps. It can remove any hacks, including malicious downloads, viruses and malware, Trojans, as well as spy apps. Spy applications can tap your phone.

Will factory reset stop the hacker?

Yes, Factory data reset will erase all the data from your phone. Although data in your Google Account can still be restored, apps and data will not be installed. You need to ensure that your data is in your Google Account, So that you can restore it.

Should I remove my SD card before factory reset?

After performing a hard reset, all photos taken with the phone’s camera and any images stored on it storage will be deleted. Before you reset your Android smartphone or tablet, make sure to back up your photos to a computer or to a memory card and remove the SD card.

What you must do to prevent this?

The best way is to read about the cyber attacks and scams so that you can be aware and you can know the ways of infection. Try to maintain strong passwords to keep the mobile safer from Brute-force attacks. Always backup the important data, So that you won’t loose it. Install any anti-malware software to keep the mobile safe from all types of viruses.

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