Upcoming Apple September Event: What to expect new iPhone?

Each year Apple hosts three to four events with a spring event, a summer developer conference and couple of events within the fall. The September event tends to feature new iPhone and Apple Watch. We can expect Macs and iPads to be launched in mid October or early November.

iPhone 13

Apple iPhone Finally arrived to the 120hz refresh rate party but two years later where some already moved to 144hz refresh rate. We can expect same couple of years old design with smaller notch and Improved Camera. New A15 bionic chip, much better 5G and some Battery improvements. This year also we can see four new iPhones  Mini, iPhone 13, Pro and Pro Max.


Apple Watch 7

As per some rumor’s new Apple watch will have flat edge design with smaller bezels and battery improvements. This is will be some major design changes in years. It will have some new color options and new processer.

iPad Mini

This year we can see major upgrade for iPad mini with new A15 chip, Type -C port, smaller bezel, multiple Color options and larger display size. Still we are not clear whether it will come with a touch id.


Air Pods 3

New AirPods mostly look like Airpods pro without ear tips, We cant expect ACN (Active Noise Cancellation) too because of the prize. Seems like Apple already started mass production for new AirPods from August


Ongoing Global Ship shortage may affect some delay in the Apple products reaching the consumers. As Apple CEO Tim Cook already Warned the Global Chip Shortage may Affect iPhone Production in the coming future.

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