SEO Course Syllabus

Search Engine Optimization Course Syllabus First SEO-search engine optimization, which aims to increase online traffic and make the products and services more familiar around the world. Many of the most current and up-to-date seo strategies have been made available to corporations in this technologically advanced era. Now many courses offer the most current content curriculum which is.

Table of content

SEO Training Syllabus

  • Website Planning and Creation
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Domain Selection
  • Hosting and its types
  • Basic knowledge of World Wide Web
  • Website wireframe and architecture
  • Basics of developing and designing a website
  • Usability & user experience of a website
  • Why to say yes to responsive website
  • Website competitor analysis
  • Website navigation and optimization according to the user friendly interface

Introduction to SEO

  • What is search engines
  • Difference between portal and search engines
  • How search engines work
  • What is SEO
  • SEO techniques (On page and Off page)
  • Differences between White, Black and Grey hat SEO’s
  • What is the need of SEO
  • Things to learn before starting SEO of any website
  • What is Ranking
  • How Google rank a website
  • Learn the basic terms like crawlers, robots and spiders
  • How to choose a best search engine

Keyword Research

  • Introduction to Keyword research
  • How and why to choose right keywords
  • Different types of keywords
  • How to do Keyword analysis
  • Keywords density analysis
  • Tools for keyword research
  • Competition analysis
  • Localized keywords research

On Page Optimization Steps

  • Introduction to On page optimization
  • What is Title, Description and Keywords tags
  • Difference between primary, secondary and tertiary tiles
  • Length of titles, meta description and Snippets
  • H1 to H6 Tags and their importance
  • Using Important keywords in H1, title, meta descriptions and content
  • When and where keywords can be placed
  • Difference between Internal links and External links
  • Anchor Text
  • Anchor links optimization
  • Headers optimization
  • Importance of Alt tags and Image tag
  • Image tag optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • SEO friendly content
  • Optimizing SEO content
  • Page naming / URL Structure / Permalink
  • Website structure & navigation menu optimization
  • Filename optimization
  • Page speed optimization tool
  • Robots.txt
  • URL Canonicalization/ 404 Implementation
  • Difference between HTTP / HTTPS
  • Different types of Sitemaps and their importance
  • Google SEO guidelines
  • Google analytics and Webmaster integration
  • Google sandbox effect
  • Keyword Proximity, Authority, Prominence and density
  • Iframes/ Frames effect on SEO
  • URL renaming/ rewriting
  • Duplicate Content / URLs
  • HTML Validations using W3c
  • Broken link analysis
  • Website architecture
  • Bread Crumb
  • Google webmaster tool
  • Creating effective landing pages
  • On page Audit
  • Yahoo Feed Submission

Off Page Optimization

  • Introduction to Off page optimization
  • Social Media optimization techniques
  • Introduction of link building and its types
  • Directory submission
  • Blog and article submission
  • Forum posting
  • Forum signatures and commenting
  • Free classifieds
  • Classifieds posting
  • Press release submission
  • Video submission
  • Business listing submission
  • Guest blog
  • Local SEO (Local business listing)
  • Detail knowledge of Link building and backlinks
  • Social bookmarking
  • Photo & Video Sharing
  • Infographics sharing
  • Document Sharing
  • Content Marketing and its importance
  • Question and answers
  • Web 2.0 submission
  • Importance of backlinks / Link building
  • A home page promoting tips and techniques
  • Strategies to build qualitative and relevant backlinks
  • Competitors backlink research and submission
  • Tracking the links and PageRank
  • Submission to do follow websites
  • RSS Feed submissions

Webmaster / Search Console

  • Sign up for a webmaster account
  • Verifying website under Google Search Console
  • Introduction on webmaster
  • Effect on ranking through internal linking
  • Understanding queries and Average keyword position
  • Search Appearance
  • Improving website quality and performance by using search console
  • Google Index
  • Search Traffic
  • Google My Business
  • Google Crawling

Google Algorithms and updates

  • Introductions on Search Engine Algorithms?
  • How Algorithms Works?
  • Algorithm & Google Panda
  • Detail information on Search Engine Penalties
  • Procedures for recovering from Search Engine Penalties
  • What is Google Panda Algorithm?
  • How Google Panda Algorithm affect millions of websites?
  • Things to know about Google Penguin
  • A brief introduction on Google EMD Update
  • How websites can be saved from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD
  • How to Recover site from Panda, EMD, and Penguin

Things not to do in SEO

  • Black Hat SEO
  • Try to avoid Grey Hat SEO
  • Exact-match Anchor text
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Spam comments
  • Duplicate content and cloaking
  • Unnatural links
  • Domain and Keyword Cloaking
  • Intrusive Interstitial Ads
  • 3rd party “Paid” links
  • Article spinners
  • Automated link building
  • Doorway Page, bots, spam, Link Baiting
  • Link and article directories
  • Duplicate Content and Cloaking
  • Paid / spam blogging

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