Write 10 Uses of Computer?

A computer is a machine that follows instructions given by humans. Computers are a tool that allows us to store data, information, files, photos, videos, etc. Computers are used primarily for data storage and browsing the internet, among other things. It should be noted that the computer has gone through 5 generations. Each new generation brought significant changes to the computer world.


List of Top 10 Uses of Computer

Computers are now used in almost every industry and every home thanks to the advancement of technology. Let’s take a look at the important. 10 uses of computers in various areas Everyday life and the fields that surround it.

  1. Business
  2. Education
  3. Healthcare
  4. Government
  5. Science & Robotics
  6. Arts and Entertainment
  7. Banking and Finance
  8. Military
  9. Security and Surveillance
  10. Weather


Nearly every business has a computer these days. Computers can be used to manage accounts, staff records, projects, inventory, reports, and create presentations. They allow communication between people within and outside of the company using various technologies including e-mail. They can be used for promotion and direct interaction with customers also used in IT industry.


Computers are used in online classes, online exams, referring eBooks, tutoring online, and so on are all ways computers can be used in the education sector. They facilitate the increased use of audio-visual aids within education. You can use them to access education information via the internet, intranet, and more. They can be used to monitor and maintain student performance on exams, and to create assignments and projects.


Computers are used in hospitals as well as in health care departments to keep a record of patient history, diagnoses, X-rays, and live monitoring of patients. Robotic surgical devices are used by surgeons to perform delicate operations and remotely conduct surgeries. Training is also possible using virtual reality technology. It is also used to monitor the baby’s health in the mother’s womb. Computers control laboratory equipment, blood pressure monitors, and heart rate monitors. Computers allow doctors to access more information about the latest drugs and to share information with other medical professionals.


Computers are used in government departments in many ways including processing data, maintain a database of citizens, and support a paperless environment. Computers have been a huge help to the country’s defence agencies in their ability to launch rocket launches, develop missiles and satellites, among other things. These include traffic management, city planning, law enforcement and tourism.


Science & Robotics

Computers were used in science to do research, share information with others locally and internationally, and also for collecting, categorising and storing data. Computers are also essential in the operation of advanced technology, such as spacecraft, control, and maintenance, as well as launching and controlling them.

Robotics, a rapidly growing area of technology that combines science and engineering with computers to create machines that can replace people or perform specific tasks that humans cannot do. Robotics was first used in the production of cars. Robots have been used to investigate areas that are too difficult for human.

Arts & Entertainment

Computers are used extensively in every art platforms like dance, photography and arts and culture. Computers were used to create graphics, drawings, and paintings. They can be used for editing, copying, sending, and printing photographs. Writers can use them to create and edit. Under entertainment games play the major role and computers are used widely. They can be used to record, edit, play and listen to music. You can use them to record and edit videos.

Banking and Finance

Online banking has become norm in advanced countries. Computers can be used to check your account balance, transfer funds, and pay off credit cards. Computer technology can also be used to gain information about stock markets, trade stocks and manage investments. Banks keep customer account data and detailed customer behaviour information which can be used to streamline marketing


The military uses computers extensively. They are used for training. They are used to analyze intelligence data. They can be used to control smart technology such as drones and guided missiles. They can be used in conjunction with satellites and other technologies to provide analysis and geospatial information. They support communications. They assist in the targeting of enemy forces by allowing tanks and planes to use them.


Security & Surveillance

Combining computers with other technologies is becoming more common to monitor goods and people. Combining computers with biometric passports makes it more difficult for fraudsters to enter a country and gain access to an airplane. Face-recognition technology makes identifying terrorists and criminals easier in public places. Speed cameras and police cars can scan driver plates. The introduction of internet technology and computer technology has made private security systems more sophisticated.


Weather around the world is complicated and changes constantly. Human beings cannot monitor and process all of the information from satellites and other technologies. They also can’t make complex calculations to predict the future. Computers are capable of processing large amounts meteorological data.

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